The Team

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I'm Harini, a 3rd Year student of Communication Studies (Hons). A Tamilian brought up in Bangalore, I absolutely love dogs (indies hold a very special place in my heart) and cats - some of my closest friends are animals! I also don’t give up any chance to eat some insanely spicy food and feel my tongue burning and going numb. While I’m not speaking to my dogs and cats in a high-pitched voice, I can be found with my camera, taking pictures and making films about the things I love, or writing about them.

I'm Harshitha. S, a totally confused, completely clueless, super loud, kinda funny and really optimistic 3rd Year BA Student (GO PYEJ). I'm a sucker for Rom-Coms and Unrealistic Love Stories. I love my baby boy (Dog) Casper more than life. Hippos are my spirit animal. If you ever find a cute hippo picture please feel free to send it to me : )

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I'm Nehal, from 3rd year PyEJ. Wish I was witty and cute but instead I’m sarcastic and annoying. Also I’m probably the shortest person in the room.

 I’m Anushka from 3rd year, PyEJ, You'd probably find me protesting to bring back handwritten letters, mixtapes, and a world without WiFi. I am as old-school as it gets! Apart from that, I am also a day-dreamer, bathroom singer, and writer.

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Hi! I'm Lavanya, currently in the third year of Communication Studies (Hons). I enjoy writing poetry, singing, and making personal playlists. I thrive on aesthetic videos of waterfalls and birds of paradise.

Don't be shy, come be a part of the team!!!!

If you want to join us show us your work, design a poster (or) one page of a website for Independence Day and share it with us!