Creative Writing

Some pieces from across the years

Pen Name Poems



Let’s go you and me, 

somewhere away from this world. 

Where pain is just a concept 

and love is in abundance. 

Let’s love each other, 

a little lesser than we love God, 

and more than humans. 

The colour of misery is grey, 

The colour of pain is blue, 

And the colour of healing; 

The colour of healing is ‘Gulal’ 

Love is Gulal. 



- Juwaria Mushtaq, PyEC,
Batch of 2023



I capture your positives, 

but I also capture your negatives. 

I capture your truths, 

but I also capture your lies.  

I capture your success, 

but I also capture your failure. 

I capture your passion, 

but I also capture your patience. 


You change, I change! 

You suffer, I suffer! 

You heal, I heal! 

You die, but I outlive! 


I am your ‘Aks’. 


- Navya Juneja, PyEC,
Batch of 2023

Poems on Sand


in my shoes;

between my toes - 


the desert! 

- Pragnya Srihari


Grain by grain,

then all at once, 


the footprints disappear

with the wind. 

- Roshni Haridas


Grains of sand scatter away 

to go where the wind takes them; 

the sun watches silently. 

- Sirisha Manoharan

The sun slowly heats up the sand dunes, 

marking the start of 

a brand new day. 

- Mahita Sanil

The wind blows lightly, 

carrying the tanned sand farther away.  

It’s hot, but it’s pleasant.  


The cacti that I see  

Reminds me of security: 


We protect ourselves with our thorns.  

 But we need a lot more to survive.  

- Reena Menon


Sand swarms 

around us in the desert. 


The man, and his camel 

Take another step. 

- Varsha Ananth Murthy

The soil that's really yellow, 

above all others,  

is the sand. 

Down, down, down  

into its darkness -

gently it goes:  

the cowardly, the brave, 

the fearful, the powerful. 

- Aarati Manoj


Six Word Stories


I can’t…make it stop - 

 - Shreelakshmi B K 


98 new followers, 0 new messages. 

 - Pooja Venkatesh


They started slowly as she cried. 

 - Prajna Praveen


Weighed out his portion. Didn't eat.  

  - Varsha Ananth Murthy


Persephone walked in. “You don’t belong.” 

- Reena Menon


Shadows and graffiti; where’s the torch? 

- Khushboo Gursahani

Does the killer's serenade haunt you?  

- Aarati Manoj


You might need me.... I don’t. 

- Sasha Sydney Pereira


Old clothes: fingers touching new warmth. 

  - Rajeshwari Tagore 


All group pictures are now cropped. 

 - Navya Juneja


Google: How does one fake happiness? 

 - Keerthana J


 "She left? Breathe and let go." 

- Granthana Mistry

All our students work on intense Creative Writing modules which equip them to produce a range of writing - from personal essays and poetry to mixed media pieces - all of which go into a comprehensive portfolio at the end of three years.